New Features

New Features in v4.4

More trucks & drivers
You now have more flexibility with your jobs by assigning an extra 4th truck and driver to a job if needed.
More contact details
Jobs now have 3 general phone numbers instead of just Home & Work, and the boxes are bigger, so you can enter your own note about who the number belongs to. And you now have 3 email addresses instead of just one, and can send an email to each one separately.
Reschedule a whole job
Use the Reschedule Job button to change the start date of a multi-job, and the whole job will be moved. You even have the choice of whether to include Saturdays or Sundays when you reschedule.
Enlarged customer box
Enlarged customer box allows up to 4 lines of text, so you can better describe your removal jobs

New Features in v4.3

The first new thing you’ll see in v4.3 is a message box when you start up, giving you a summary of the main new features in this version. Once you’ve read it, you can tick the box so that this doesn’t pop up again until the next new version.
New buttons!
You can now access the various views from the neat row of new buttons on the top bar. These are: Month View, Week View, Truck View, List View, and Archived Jobs. Move your mouse over them and you’ll see a little title appear. You can also access these views from the View menu.
Truck View
New Truck View – shows the diary for the week, grouped by vehicle, so you can clearly see what each vehicle is doing throughout the week.
Month View
New Month View – shows how many jobs you have booked of each type on each day of the month, with a red highlight for any days marked as ‘Fully Booked’. Ideal as a quick overview of quiet/busy times, and for end of month reports!

New Features in v4.2

The first thing you’ll notice in v4.2 is the prompt to see the Getting Started guide. If you’re a seasoned user, you certainly won’t need this, so just tick the box and you won’t get asked again. But for new users, or those trying it out for the first time, it should be a big help.
The job form now clearly shows the day of the week – very useful when flipping through multi-day jobs!
Version 4.2 has improved tick box descriptions for new installations, and more room to show them. (Existing users: your tick boxes won’t be changed from how you’ve set them!)
There’s also a new +/- button on the job form, to allow you to add or remove days from an existing job.

For more details, see Version history.

New Features in v4

This version has a fresh new look, with a new Windows 10-style icon, improved Day View layout better suited to wide screens, user-defined colours for job types, and many other behind-the-scenes improvements!
Mapping! You can now launch Google Maps to go straight to your Loading or Unloading addresses with a single button, so you can check the address is correct, view the map of the local area, or go to Street View to check access. And the ‘Route’ button will automatically calculate the route from the Loading address to the Unloading address. And because MoveDiary Pro just passes whatever you’ve typed in the address to Google Maps, you don’t even need full address details – Google Maps will find it.
Because a lot of jobs involve going to or from storage, or regional depots, MoveDiary Pro now has an Address Book for you to keep frequently-used addresses, such as your own HQ, regular storage facilities, depots, partner companies, etc. No more cryptic shorthand for locations, or having to re-enter the same addresses in full for Google Maps to understand!
When you update a multi-day job, MoveDiary Pro knows what changes you made this time, and asks you whether you want to save those changes across the whole job, or just the day you’re editing. For example, you might want to change just Day 1 of a ‘Removal’ job to ‘Pack Up’, add some special instructions just to the last day, but then update the ‘Paid’ checkbox across the whole job. Well, now you can, and the previous changes you made to specific days won’t be lost.
Navigating multi-day jobs just got a whole lot easier, with the new Next/Previous Day buttons on the job window. And want to save your changes, but keep the job window open? No problem, just use the new ‘Apply’ button!
Previously, when you added a job, MoveDiary Pro would check for Driver & Truck clashes on the first day, before asking how many days the job would run for. Version 4 swaps this around, and only checks for clashes once it knows how many days the job will take. And now it checks for clashes on all days, and will warn you before you save.
Fed up of accidentally deleting jobs? Don’t worry, v4 now puts deleted jobs into the Archive, so you can retrieve them again if you need to.
You can also bulk archive jobs before a specified date to clean up your main data file, and improve performance.

Just click the ‘Filing Cabinet’ icon in the top-right or choose Data > Archived Jobs.
The pop-up calendar is very useful for checking a few months or weeks ahead, but a minor complaint was that it always popped up in the middle of the screen, nowhere near your mouse pointer! Well, v4 fixes that, and now the calendar pops up where you’d expect it to!
The Week View has been enhanced by the addition of colour-coding to show ‘Fully Booked’ days, and with more comprehensive information shown in the pop-up tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over a job.
Absences can now be classified with a ‘Reason’ drop-list and are colour-coded
To make sure you’re always up-to-date, MoveDiary Pro now automatically checks for updates once a day at startup, or you can manually check using the Tools > Check for Updates menu option.