“In 2007 we commissioned Stephen Bennett to write us a computerised diary system that was effective but simple and emulated the paper and pencil version we had. This he duly did with speed and we have used it ever since. We have, over the years and in discussion with Stephen, tweaked the diary, and at the same time Stephen has also enhanced the diary’s ability and added numerous new beneficial features without making a simple diary complicated. This can be shared by all office staff to know what’s happening on each day as a read-only version, but updated and managed by the operations dept. only. Makes life very simple and I would not want my paper and pencil back anytime soon.”
Stuart Almandras, Director, Britannia Sandersteads

“I’m loving the new fresh MoveDiary, it’s a much better layout. Moving the absence/holiday column to the top right-hand side (eye level) is a great change. The map button straight from the collection/delivery address will be a great time saver, a handy tool to have! Great work Stephen, thank you.”
Matt Ede, Operations Manager, Britannia Reeves

“Move Diary pro is what all operators need. If you are old school it looks like a move diary or day sheets, if you are modern then it will do exactly what you need and more. Everyone can see it, so no more asking for passwords or to pass the diary. Everyone needs this as you can take your diary everywhere and it makes disaster recovery planning easy. The analytics and what they tell you will amaze you. On top of this amazing customer service, what more can you ask? Try it but really try it, you’ll never look back.”
Angus Russell, Business Development, Britannia Lanes of Somerset & Bristol