Version history

4.41 – 09/11/2022

  • Enlarged customer box allows more text
  • Fixes to 4th truck and driver selection and reports
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

4.40 – 28/10/2022

  • Added: Ability to reschedule a multi-day job with a new start date, and optionally span Saturdays/Sundays
  • Added: 4th truck and driver fields to jobs
  • Added: New larger telephone fields and 2x new email fields
  • Updated: Report layouts to fit new fields
  • Fixed: Issue with pop-up windows appearing off-screen
  • Various other fixes and improvements

4.31 – 21/06/2022

  • Added: Month View showing fully booked days + no. of each job type per day for the month
  • Added: Jobs older than 12 months are read-only (configurable in Options)
  • Improved: Truck View now easier to read (& faster?)
  • Improved: Updated header bar buttons & icons (again)
  • Fixed: Added tooltips to +/- week buttons in Week & Truck View
  • Fixed: Couldn’t add single day to a job
  • Fixed: Couldn’t press ENTER for new line in Day Note
  • Fixed: Day Note not saved when using ctrl-left/right to change date
  • Fixed: Weird characters still appearing in Archive Jobs List

4.30 – 31/05/2022

  • Added: Truck View showing Diary entries by Truck for the week
  • Improved: Moved/re-ordered main menu options & icon buttons
  • Improved: Re-laid-out header bar & buttons
  • Improved: Added header bar to List view
  • Improved: Added keyboard shortcuts ctrl-left/right for next/previous page (e.g. day or week)
  • Improved: New wording & button position when updating a Multi-Day Job (with message)
  • Improved: Added tooltips to icon buttons
  • Improved: Added default EnterKey to open highlighted job on Diary day view
  • Fixed: Weird characters appearing in list views

4.21 – 01/10/2021

  • Added View button to archived jobs to open read-only view
  • Added option to bulk restore from archive between specified dates
  • Added option to ‘lock’ jobs before a specified date (view-only)
  • Archived Jobs list now has an improved layout, and is sorted by Job Date/Time by default rather than Archived Date/Time

4.20 – 23/08/2021

  • Improved wording & layout of default job tick boxes
  • Added new +/- button to job window to allow adding/deleting days in a multi-day job
  • Added long date display to job window to show day of week
  • Added remote assistance link in Help menu
  • Added prompt to view Getting Started page at startup
  • Fixed column widths not always saving on x64 Windows
  • Installer now picks up install folder from running app
  • Other minor cosmetic improvements

4.14 – 28/11/2020

  • Performance improvements
  • Added clickable sort headers on Data | Absence List
  • Improved wording on driver clash message – now specifies reason for clash, i.e. booked and/or marked as absent

4.13 – internal

4.12 – 17/06/2020

  • Added option to include program files in backup, not just data
  • Fixed blank job appearing on other workstations during insert
  • Fixed ‘day x of y’ copying over to new jobs on insert (intermittent)
  • Improved handling of ‘view’ job button
  • Added default icon to all windows

4.11 – 15/05/2020

  • Replaced Archive ‘Trash’ icon with Filing Cabinet
  • Removed additional messages from Bulk Archive process

4.10 – 28/04/2020

  • Updating a multi-day job now only writes changes to other days, and does not overwrite any information that has not changed
  • When adding/updating a job, all job days are now checked for clashes, not just the first day
  • Pop-up calendar now appears at cursor position, fine-tuning via Options > Advanced tab
  • Added Address Book of frequently-used addresses (HQ, depots, partner companies, etc.)
  • Added more information to week view tooltip, inc. truck & driver list
  • Added automatic check for updates at startup
  • “Created by/date/time” fields are no longer changed when saving
  • Added Next/Previous Day buttons to job form for multi-day jobs
  • Added ‘Apply’ button to save changes without closing the job
  • Fixed bug in detecting driver/truck clashes
  • Added button to reset default colours
  • Week View now uses lighter version of user-defined weekend colour (no longer hard-wired as orange)
  • ‘Fully booked’ days now shown with lighter version of ‘fully booked’ colour in week view
  • ‘Fully booked’ is now written back to database immediately
  • Added Help -> Website / Version history links
  • Added website to About
  • Install folder written to registry for future installs

4.02 – 20/09/2019

  • Absence/Notes -> 50/50 split
  • Removed col. header sort from Diary
  • Fixed: Copy button was not keeping Type, Depot times, etc.
  • Added resize bar for Absences/Notes panel
  • Added right-click options to Absences panel
  • Re-ordered Archive list with most recent at top
  • Archive window Trash icon given blue background
  • Flush/Stream if poss on bulk archive / bulk delete archive

4.01 – 17/09/2019

  • Re-branded as ‘MoveDiary Pro’
  • New Win10-style icon
  • Changed layout to move Absences & Notes from bottom to right hand side
  • Absences can now be classified with a ‘Reason’ drop-list and colour-coded
  • Added user-definable colours for Job Types
  • Added option for coloured tabs
  • Data now stored in .mdp files
  • Added option to update all days of multi-day job (similar to delete)
  • Fixed bug that ‘breaks’ multi-day link when updating one day of job
  • Changed colour of inactive checkboxes so they’re visible when highlighted in Diary view
  • Fixed: Calendar defaults to viewed date, not today
  • Added Archive of deleted jobs ( = recycle bin)
  • Added option to bulk archive jobs before specified date
  • Added option to restore from archive
  • Added option to permanently bulk delete archive before specified date
  • Improved handling of multi-day jobs using a GUID
  • Multi-day jobs restored from Archive as a batch
  • Added Google Maps buttons for Loading address, Unloading address & Route from one to the other

3.04 – (internal)

  • Fixed: Registration problem

3.03 – 13/10/2013

  • Added ‘Storage’ tickbox to Diary form & main browse
  • Added ‘Storage Jobs Only’ filter option to main browse
  • Added ‘Reset Column Widths’ option to View menu
  • Automatically resets column widths when upgrading to this version
  • Added ‘Storage Jobs’ (Warehouse Sheet) report
  • Allow window positions to be saved (except BrowseDIARY / UpdateDIARY)
  • Added column sorting on DiaryListView
  • Added Export Diary to CSV
  • Added single Job Sheet report

3.02 – 29/08/2012

  • Print Day report now filters by selected tab
  • Inserting a new diary entry now defaults to selected tab
  • Added Full-screen view to View menu (Ctrl-F)
  • Added Narrow Lines toggle to View menu (Ctrl-L)
  • Changed default line height from 11 to 10

3.01 – 03/04/2012

  • Added Absence report by Driver/Date
  • Save column widths to registry in main browse
  • Added search to Diary List view
  • Added unloading address to week view + weekend colours
  • Fixed problem when copying diary entries where type and times reset

3.00- (internal)

  • Added 3 user-defined job types
  • Added option to change default depot/site times
  • Enlarged date entry field (UpdateDiary)
  • Added Diary list view
  • Added week view

2.00 – 05/01/2011

  • Added user-configurable checkboxes + key descriptions
  • Added zip backup/restore facility
  • Added prompt for backup on exit

1.06 – 07/01/2009

  • Stopped DAYNOTE being written back on BrowseDIARY unless changed – was causing multi-user problems
  • Date/Time/User Last Amended now recording information correctly
  • Added licensing support
  • Improved user security on all main windows
  • Truck/Driver: Changed ‘archived’ to ‘hidden’

1.05 – Jan 2008

  • Enlarged address fields on report, moved special instructions to lower portion

1.04 – Oct 2007

  • Fixed calendar reverting to 1803
  • Added new checkboxes to DIARY: Payment Details, E/P, Plastic Crates, Dismantling, Export Cases
  • Copy button on BrowseDIARY: fixed resize & split
  • PrintDiary report: fixed 2nd/3rd drivers & trucks (1st driver/truck was repeating in all cases)
  • Resize DayNotes to 3 lines
  • Allow Truck/Driver to be ‘archived’ (new field) & hence hidden from drop-lists